Charity exhibition «Leaves Giving Life»
Moscow. September 25-26, 2016
Interview with Artsist

His name means «Light of Celebration».

We met in spring of 2016 and his photos occupied my mind completely to figure out what does he want to say to world by his art? And the more I was thinking the more I was understood that there is some simple message to my soul. So I’ve decided to introduce you to his art and distribute his message to the world, that’s how we founded worldwide photo exhibition «Leaves Giving Life» to support life of people who need.

And by the grace of all our supporting friends, we are starting from Russia.

N: Greetings Jashan, Sat Siri Akal. Can we have 5-10 minutes talk?
J: I’ll be glad, thank you…

N: Jashan, first let me thank you for providing your photography artworks for this charity exhibition. Nowadays many families suffering with this Cerebral Palsy and need support more than government is able to provide, so charity is a very good way for the community to participate in the life of those affected.
J: You’re welcome Natalie, I am open for all ways to participate in community.  In the words of some Great contemporary painters such as Gerard Richter, art has become more of an entertainment in present times, so defying that, I want art go back to its roots and be as medium of healing.

N: Jashan, how has it happened that you chose photography as your language of expression?
J: Many things coincided to help this happen, In the cycling days while visiting the hills I always loved how light filtered through the leaves and reaching me by defying the morning mist, at that time i just wanted a camera to make a picture to depict the feelings of elation in my heart. Secondly, observation is the primary skill of survival for student of architecture. So our memory — is the aid to save this observation experience and that’s how I’ve started using a camera. This happened only because of permanent observation and attention to life and then it become the content of my photography and now it’s becoming my language.

N: Jashan, do you believe that photography can change the world? If yes, how?
J: Art or photography serves a medium which has message and can help individuals to get enlightment about environment or the fundamental human situation of suffering and thus try to elevate it. Some art historians and intellectuals also believe art is the modern religion which can help individual to deal with sufferings of the modern world, so my answer is, a clear, yes. Here we are contributing to charity so surely it’s changing and contributing to the world, albeit in small ways.

N: Jashan, please tell us how your photographs born?
J:  The answer boils to interest, for example this particular series ’leaves giving life’ were born when I met a fallen leaf at my home city of Chandigarh, And it was love on first sight and I am having a polygamous relation with many leaves ever since that day. (laughs).  Seriously, this is just an interest, something catches the eye, which has some relation to my own being. Then I try to photograph this, I do many photographs, sometimes I do pre-visualization of how a photograph should look, sometimes this is just a quick response (impulse) on the situation, where shutter gets clicked without much thought and just takes over all my pure feelings.

N: Jashan,  are you into commercial photography as well? If not, why? And, Why did you choose fine art?
J: I do commercial assignments sometimes if the content and concept resonates with me. Previously I photographed cyclists and athletes in India because the suffering and hard work of an athlete resonated with previous years of my life. That said, the primary mode of expression still remains ‘fine-art’ and that gives me the liberty to be the sole author of my work. There is no ‘unwanted’ influence to my work, which Is a huge luxury, majority of the commercial photo world does not get such enjoy.

N: Jashan, as I know you are an architect and cyclist. Is it connected some how to your passion — photography? I mean, can you see here any symbiosis of your views for life or these are different stories about you? Any projects for future? )) — here you need to smile or laugh
J: Everything an individual does has common threads and that’s true for photography, architecture and cycling, One interest provides the food for the thought to other interests, so its all connected. Cycling provided me raw insight into life going through the streets and architecture though being a very broad subject this gave me a sense of space and composition, it has indeed proven invaluable to my photography. Future projects involves nature, cycling and love to give you a hint 😉

N: Shukriya Ji, thank you for your time, we’ll be waiting for your next exhibition
J: I am glad and very thankful for your participation, and hopefully there would be more exhibitions to follow.

Artist: Jashandeep Singh
Interviewer: Natalia Kurochkina

September, 25 — 2016